We Shouldn’t take our Eyes off The Ball.

August 8, 2015

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I had made my final statement on China’s barbaric practises in killing and eating dogs and the Federation Cynologique Internationale’s (FCI’s) foolishness in rewarding the country with their prestigious World Dog Show (WDS) but in the light of further news on these matters as well as me still receiving much mail about my two earlier columns I feel I am obliged to revisit the subject.

We are all aware of Norway’s head to head with the FCI in an attempt to get other Countries to boycott the World Dog Show (WDS), that Sweden, who at the onset voted against the show going to China, is considering such a boycott, That the New Zealand Kennel Club state that if the Yulin Dog Eating Festival is not stopped that the WDS should be moved to another country, and now the American Kennel Club (AKC) have come out strongly urging all dog registries in China to put an end to Dog Meat festivals and the general practise of killing and eating dogs stating: “The AKC, as well as other pure bred registries in the world, recognises dogs as devoted companions and working partners and denounces their use as food products and subjection to cruel and inhumane treatment.”

However I would have expected by now that a whole mass of other Countries would also have joined the protests but they haven’t and in fact Germany has come out in support of China stating that ‘it has a right to hold the show’ and even here in the UK there are some people in our sport that believe the show should go ahead. The main thrust of the argument that they use to support their opinion is that we should all support the China Kennel Union (CKU) in their efforts to improve canine welfare as it is an opportunity for the dog sport in general to show what dogs are all about and could lead to an end to the notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival where 10,000 dogs meet untimely deaths.

Such reasons just don’t hold water with me. Even if the outcry does eventually result in the Yulin Festival being banned and it very well may do. The fact that 10,000 dogs are not meeting death is welcome but rest assured if China do scrap the festival it will be more to do with the protests and the bad publicity that is currently raging then because China has been awarded a dog show however prestigious the show may be.

I’d go even further and say that all the screaming about the Yulin Festival has actually created a smokescreen that has covered up the real fact that 10,000 dogs killed at Yulin is as nothing compared to the many thousands of dogs that regularly meet an untimely end in China just to feed people’s eating habits.

We should certainly not take our eyes of the ball if China does scrap the Yulin Festival and think that this is reason enough to cosy up to the CKU or think that we have achieved a major breakthrough, or that things will change. Yulin is just a ‘drop in the ocean’ as far as the Chinese Government is concerned and no other changes will be given any consideration just because they may decide to ban it and certainly a dog show won’t.

We should continue to protest against China and the FCI and seek to get more Countries to support a boycott of the show if it does go ahead. But preferably we should be pushing to get the WDS to take the show to a different country. Although I suspect it will be difficult to persuade the FCI top brass given that it is reported that 91 of them attending China for the show in 2019 have each been, given by the CKU, ‘gold cards’ worth about 100,000 euros – about £70,000 – to spend on their trip and more than probably some will have already used their ‘gold cards’ to organise their travel arrangements.

 Ralf Writes

   I have received an interesting email from Ralf Campbell, who with his wife is a regular visitor to China. Ralf’s email supports my belief that dog eating, and it also seems the animal fur trade, including dog and cat, is more common and widespread than some would have us believe.

Ralf writes: “I have read your articles in Our Dogs of 17/7 & 24/7 with great interest. My wife and I have visited China several times during the last eight years. Presently we are in the process of writing about our encounters with ‘doggy’ China for the Norwegian Kennel Club magazine ‘Hundesport’ and based on our personal experience I will confirm everything you are saying about canine life in China.”

“I enclose a picture my wife took of a dog-skin in Xi’an. Together with dozens of others it was offered for sale along with other souvenirs outside the entrance of the famous Terracotta Army. There were also skins of cats and other unidentified animals. Some were definitely artificially coloured. The skin in question looked very much like that of a German shepherd dog.”

“My wife had a discussion with the seller. He insisted that it was a Wolf-skin. How come it was penetrated with a knife? She asked. There is no trace of round bullet holes from a rifle or a shotgun. Certainly you shoot a Wolf from a distance. You do not sneak up to it with a knife, she added, but the seller was adamant. However, no use of arguing further because she had a camera and a picture can tell more than a thousand words. Later we saw carcasses of dogs at local markets and heard stories about ‘dog farms’ supplying these markets as well as restaurants in the city.”

“Attached are some snapshots from ‘doggy’ China. Two I took while my wife was debating with the mentioned seller (the skins were both of typical German shepherd dogs if you ask me), and one taken by my friend Per Erik Bjornback a while ago in southern China. The title translated from Norwegian into English would be ‘The antechamber of death’.”

“I always enjoy reading your column and look forward to the next issue of Our Dogs.”

An Abomination

   I obviously cannot include the photographs that Ralph sent me in the Sez Les column but I have to agree with him that the skins in the photographs certainly look like German shepherd dogs. In another snapshot type photograph, which is the one that Ralf says was taken by his friend Per Erik Bjornback, can be seen a market place open stall/shop with cages of live dogs at the front of the entrance and sickeningly in the background on what appears to be a butchers slab type table can be seen what appears to be a dead dog with legs dangling I suspect awaiting butchery. The photo will not enlarge without pixilating so it isn’t 100% clear but as there are cages full of live dogs I suspect the carcass must be that of one such a dog that has just been slaughtered. There are weighing scales, various bowls and on top of the caged live dogs a piece of wood cut to size to cover the top with on top of this a circular chopping board; so using my imagination I can well understand why Per Erik titled it ‘The antechamber of death’. Incidentally the live dogs are medium to large and all appear to be of the same breed, what breed I do not know, so I guess have been bred especially for such slaughter.

This is a scene that can be seen at many markets and street stalls in China and no amount of excuses or reasons will persuade me that they have any intention of simply banning the eating of dogs. They could so easily do this for as a country with a totalitarian government all they have to do is say it is banned and everybody will obey. But they have no intention of doing so and no amount of cajoling will persuade them too for dogs are of no import to the bulk of the population.

Why anybody who calls themselves a dog lover can wish to be associated in any way with China is beyond my comprehension. Why a so called respected organisation such as the FCI, and those members that actually voted to support a WDS for China did so is, in my opinion, an abomination and they should be ashamed of themselves. How can they sleep at nights??

It’s still not too late for them to change their mind and take the WDS to some other country.

This piece is from my Sez Les column first published in Our Dogs newspaper on 7th August 2015.  The pictures  sent by Ralph and I describe above are published  below.

China Skin 4China Skin 2China Skin 1China Skin 3


4 Responses to “We Shouldn’t take our Eyes off The Ball.”

  1. Martina Bergström said

    No more tortyr to dogs and cats.

  2. Leigh johnson said

    China is a barbarous evil government that would allow this to happen. Skinned alive German shepherds are you kidding!!!????

  3. Susan barlow said

    The best punishment is to skin the chinese alive,and even that wouldn,t be enough!!!

  4. camille bao said

    My great grandmother was a Vegan her whole adult life before Vegan was known. Some of these primitive savages able to torture & murder the innocent, defenseless animsls because the Govt is incompetent,apathetic to such blatante extreme Animal Cruelty. Only way to stop this Atrocities is a Draconian Law with stiff fines& jail times. But I know very well it will not happen, because the Cold Blooded Scums just don’t care. So animals will continue to suffer endlessly..

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