Substances Found in Coats of Tested Crufts Dogs. But Dogs let off.

June 21, 2011


Following the random coat testing that took place at Crufts 2011 you will have read in my earlier blog of the farce of over 3500 exhibitors demanding that coat testing be abolished and of the even bigger farce of the KC huffers and puffers doing a u-turn and suspending all coat tests pending a review.

Well on Monday June 20th  the KC General Committee announced the  results of the Crufts’ test and revealed that found on the coats of Miniature Poodles tested was the presence of lacquer and on the coats of West Highland White Terriers was the presence of chalk. 

Surprise! Surprise! Not!  The huffers and puffers have directed ” in the light of the review of the coat testing regulations and procedures that has been requested by members at the recent KC AGM that it would be inappropriate to pursue these cases further.”

Is there no end to the utter stupidity of the huffers and puffers?  

The coat testing review has not yet been completed therefore no recommendation has been considered.  Yet this latest hasty decision  has now brought about the farce of letting dogs – that at the time of Crufts did actually use illegal substances  – to get away with it scot free.

What a relief this decision must be to those who tarted their dogs up for Crufts using substances ouside the then regulations and signed entry forms declaring that they had not done this. 

With their sort of luck they should be rushing to buy a lottery ticket.




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